We aim to provide the most efficient and effective distribution organisation possible, to deliver goods in the best possible condition where and when the customer demands it. With the wealth of experience obtained over many years, Lewis Stagnetto Limited has a modern and efficient warehouse and distribution system. The system is being continually modernised and improved to keep up with the latest opportunities and requirements.

Lewis Stagnetto Limited cover both as wholesalers and distributors every aspect of the market for the goods we represent. A fleet of Vans and Lorries manned by well trained drivers distribute our goods to Bars, Shop, Supermarkets, Army, Navy and Air force canteens, Messes, Hotels and Clubs, from our domestic and bonded warehouses.

The aim is to deliver all orders on same day, or day after, they are placed.

  • Temperature control system
  • Security system
  • Complete insurance cover
  • Modern vehicle fleet
  • Trained staff
  • Special storage facilities for certain products
  • Planned warehouse layout

Our Product Categories